Mass Effect 2: I’m Fashionably Late—Part Two


That’s science.

You may have been a fan of my last thread, Mass Effect 1: I’m The Last One To The Party. Or perhaps you’re just tuning in. If so, maybe you’d like to check it out so you can watch this lady fall in love with one of the most addictive and popular gaming franchises in existence now. Spoiler alerts as these threads are playthroughs. Here is a handy dandy link to my last post. 
Mass Effect 2: I’m Fashionably Late—Part One

Well, it did indeed take me a few minutes to recover from the shock that was watching my beloved Anika Shepard, hurl through space, suffocating to death. My husband did not seem so surprised and commented that “They needed a way to reboot your character in effect. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out.” He likes to read slightly ahead in a walkthrough, which has been helpful when I’ve allowed my emotions to get the better of me and need some reassurance.

A flurry of medically themed imagery soon rushes past, and it seems that my recently deceased body is revived. I can’t help but think of the six million dollar man at this point. Except it’s not the six million dollar man, it’s something called the Lazerus Project.

Briefly I’m semi conscious two people are speaking over me in a medical bed. Someone named Miranda and Wilson discussing how I’m not ready to be awakened yet. Then, shortly after, I’m awake again, but it’s a rude awakening as the med bay I was in is under attack, and Miranda is not there, but speaking to me over the comm.

There are medical droids gone rogue, and hell bent on killing me, everywhere. I have a pistol but I have to pick up thermal clips. Ahhhh so, we have moved to an ammo based design in this issuance. Last time, it was all based on number and power of shots before overheating. But now, there’s ammo. This is going to make things a lot more difficult. Husband groans in despair, he loved the last system and found the lack of ‘ammo’ refreshing. I’m neutral, and I’m far more used to counting my shots in games. I tend to play ammo light anyways.

We have the technology.

We have the technology.

Oh hey, it’s a whole new lock system. Hacking themed match game, connect the circuits. I am much, much better at this than the old way of hacking locks. By the end of the last game I was pretty good at the old way but this seems like a lot more fun than just copying button commands. 

Soon I run into a gentleman named Jacob Taylor, and he gives me just enough info to get up to some kind of speed. The Alliance declared me dead, and whoever found my body and revived me is obviously powerful and well funded. Jacob basically says, lets kick some ass first, and then I’ll answer your questions. He’s a biotic, and together we kick some mech butt, while I learn the new system for special powers by trying out his abilities as my character has zero.

Something that hit me in a game mechanics difference right away was that it mattered what angle you activated the biotic ability from. This makes when, how and from where you choose ‘Pull’ for example work, and how effective it will be. Also, the shooter aspects of the game are far more precise and the value of a headshot is high. This is definitely a bonus to someone who likes to play shooters but I could see where this might be off-putting to a more rpg-based gamer perhaps as the emphasis has shifted a bit.

As I see my ammo is direly low, and I personally have no biotic abilities, I can tell my work is going to be cut out for me in the beginning of this game. They’ve definitely made it harder, as I actually managed to get myself killed in the first conflict with Jacob at my side. I was a bit too bravado, and didn’t understand that I ‘had’ to use his biotic abilities to get out of the situation. Well Mass Effect 2, you are already very much so a different beast. 

The other thing I learn right away is that my former team has disbanded, as I was believed to be dead. Can’t really hold that against them, but this is going to be a pain in the ass. Already, I know that the beginning of this game is going to be focussed on building a new team. Wether that means collecting the old one, or creating a whole brand new team is unclear. Probably a bit of both. I miss Tali and Wrex already, I hope they’re alright.







5 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2: I’m Fashionably Late—Part Two

  1. You’ll get used to the different systems even if you miss the old one. I personally loved the new hacking stuff but hated the new inventory and weapon customization.

    Well, good luck and I am looking forward to Anika’s adventures through ME2.

    • I think I personally like the new control systems better, they ultimately seem more effective, but it’s definitely an adjustment. Haven’t drawn a conclusion on the weapon customization yet but I’m sure I’ll write all about it when I do.

      Thanks, so happy you’re enjoying!

  2. The combat is a huge improvement. I suck at video games, but I generally enjoyed ME2′s combat. I had an easy time with that Jacob fight, because when it said to use Pull, I did it right away, as much because I hoped it would get the prompt off the screen as anything else. The ammo system was definitely a good idea – ME1′s combat was broken in large part because of the lack of ammo.

    As an aside, though, those aren’t medical mechs, they’re security mechs. I have no idea why there would be so many, though. Oh well.

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