Mass Effect 2: I’m Fashionably Late—Part Three


Sooner than later, I find out that this whole Lazerus Project that brought me back to life, is by Cerberus. Our good old enemy, as it was an organization that kept showing up on my side quests in the last installment, having done one horrible scientific venture or another gone wrong and not cleaned up their own mess. Cut throat, entrepreneurial, soulless, shady ass Cerberus. Greeeeeat.

I am not happy about this. I played the last game as a straight up Paragon, I am all about doing the right thing for the right reasons. This company is not but now I owe my life to them. Fantastic. Why do I have the sense that this is going to get complicated?

Finally we catch back up with Miranda, the one over the loud speaker, and the woman looking over me when I was on the medical bed. One of the first things she does is shoot Wilson, the other gentleman that was in my brief bout of consciousness. Apparently he was a traitor, but technically, so am I since I had previously kicked a lot of Cerberus ass in the last game.

Onto the issue of The Illusive Man, who apparently is some kind of double triple secret head of this organization. When we get back to a Cerberus HQ I’m invited to go talk to this guy, and of course it’s not in person instead it’s a holographic interface. He doesn’t trust anyone, and why should he?

Long story short big surprise the Alliance isn’t really taking care of the business of The Collectors, which are linked directly to The Reapers. They’re pretty much hoping all the bad dreams go away, and have gone to great trouble to keep all the major events from the last game get kept quiet. Meanwhile, colonies on the rim are getting hit. We don’t quite understand what The Collectors are doing out there, except collecting people, whole communities vanishing without a trace. It’s made pretty clear that if I want to save the universe, as I’ll undoubtedly have to do, I’m going to have to accept the backing of Cerberus and The Illusive Man to do it.

The silver lining to this whole ordeal is that I get a new Normandy, and thankfully the familiar face of Joker to pilot it. I may have choked up a little seeing my ship again. A bit of a comfort amongst all the turmoil of late. This happy scene is disrupted by the fact that there is an artificial intelligence named EDI installed on board. Daaaamnnniiiiiiit. Call me a pessimist but this is going to backfire. Also, I’m absolutely sure that it’s a spy for The Illusive Man. I’m like Ripley from Alien when it comes to AI’s. Everything’s fine and good until all of a sudden everything goes to hell because of a backdoor system that’s being controlled by some jerk face. Call me officially annoyed.

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9 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2: I’m Fashionably Late—Part Three

    • Oh definitely. It’s a great performance, and I do enjoy the sense of danger.
      Thanks! I missed them too. It’s been a busy summer, but with the fall upon us and some tech upgrades, by way of an iPhone and a laptop, you should be seeing a lot more!

  1. Tricia was born for these roles. I mean she has that kinda voice that everyone would like to have in their GPS or phones as voice assistant. Microsoft is already developing “Cortana”, a Siri (iOS) like assistant, so there is hope that one day I could talk to an EDI. BTW Tricia did a pretty good job voice acting in Tron: Uprising. It wasn`t a huge part, but still significant and perfectly suited her. Her and Olivia`s (Wilde) voices are the best.

  2. Miranda shooting Wilson was awesome. She’s so damned cool about it. “Do you really think Wilson’s capable of that?” “Not any more.” What a great one-liner.

    Seeing the new Normandy is a great moment. So emotional. Especially with that great music playing.

    EDI’s definitely an interesting presence in 2. She gets plenty of really fun interactions with Joker. Which reminds me: If you want some fun, after each mission, go stand beside Joker for a few minutes without talking to him. He’ll make some random comments, some of which are really funny.

      • Miranda’s generally polarizing. A lot of people hate her. A lot of people love her. Personally, I like her. But I liked pretty much all the squadmates throughout the series. (As far as personalities go, at any rate; there were a few I never brought into combat.) Except for Jacob; I didn’t really care about him. But no one likes Jacob. So boring.

  3. I’m replaying the game right now and attempting to romance Jacob. It’s really not as fun as the Kaidan love storyline is, but I’m a bit tired of only having one dude to be with. I can’t quite bring myself to be with an alien, so that leaves me with Jacob. Oh well. :-(

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