By Who or High Water—Episode Four: Aliens of London


Well, this is a thread that started a while ago, and then stalled for a bit. Forgotten but not lost, it’s back and with gusto. I have set out to watch and blog my way through the new Dr. Who. It’s a corner of geekdom that I lack but no rock shall lay unturned for long with me. I am determined to finally understand just what it’s all about. These are going to be pretty free form posts, as I am logging my real time reactions to the episodes.

If you find this amusing, here are links for your reading pleasure:

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3

-Is it just me, or is the sound effect of the Tardis creepy?
-Time travel is hilaaaaarious! Hahaha! Because you travel, in time!
-Oh nohs! It hasn’t been twelve hours, it’s been twelve months! Woops….
-Congratulations, you traumatized your family and friends Rose, good job Doctor.
-I don’t think the, I forgot to call excuse is going to go over well when it pertains to a year Rose.
-Hahaha, your mother thinks the Doctor is an internet pervert!
-Maybe, you should just go ahead and tell her the whole time travel thing since she’s about to have a nervous breakdown.
-Now you’re having a good ol’ sit on the rooftop
-Okay, that was a spaceship…and it just crashed into the river. Random. Or is it?
-Seriously, why do the two of them hold hands all the time, it’s still baffling to me.
-Also, this spaceship crashing into Big Ben and the Thames isn’t really something to laugh about right now.
-So, when a major news event happens in Rose’s family, they all gather around the television, and drink tallboys of beer….Amazing.
-ooOOoo they retrieved a body from the crash but they aren’t disclosing anything in the press.
-What’s the alien!!!???
-Whatsitgunnabeeeeeeewhatsunderthesheeeeeet!? Whats under the sheeeeeeeet!? DAMNIT!!!
-What teases.
-The prime minister has disappeared? What’s going on!?
-Okay, they can cool it with the vice president farts.
-Ohhhh, the farts signify something….I think….
-Still, it’s awkward, I get it, something’s up.
-Awww The Doctor gave Rose a Tardis key. Although, for some reason, I doubt it’s a key to the Tardis, maybe I’m just too untrusting.
-Hey! You said you weren’t going to leave Doctor!
-Also, this boyfriend of Rose’s is as dumb, or dumber than he was the first time we saw him.
-This Tardis has some Millenium Falcon like qualities, like hitting it can make it work better.
-Ahhh, you shouldn’t have gone through that door Doctor.
-And now, it is a dead Space Pig….this is, oddly very tragic feeling
-Oh no…Even more farting…Uh….Erg…
-And now, people are unzipping their skulls.
-Oh, and apparently, there are no space pigs, the space pig was a fake? The old space pig decoy.
-I was wondering where I recognized one of these ladies from, and it’s Downton Abbey, awesome.
-I love how it’s a party at Rose’s house, crack open a cold one the earth is being invaded.
-It’s understandable that Mickey is pissed off, but he doesn’t have to be a dick about it.
-Alright Rose, you also, do not have to be a dick about it. Oh children.
-Maybe you should have explained things a little more to your mom before running off into the Tardis Rose. You know, with all the, alien scare stuff going on?
-Oh, Mickey, do you really think you can compete with a Time Lord?
-The effect of people unzipping their heads for disproportionately large aliens to come out of them, is surprisingly gross to me.
-The question now is, who are these gross green Slitheen?
-Also, what are they doing on earth?

Alright, so I’m definitely paying more attention to this show.

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